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Onyx Coffee Lab

Rogers, AR

For Onyx Coffee Lab, we meticulously crafted a website that stands at the intersection of innovation, art, and coffee culture. This bespoke website is not merely a showcase of Onyx's premium coffee products but a journey into the brand's heart and soul through immersive storytelling, engaging content, and interactive experiences. From the custom animations to the strategic design choices, it serves to reinforce the brand's values of quality, sustainability, and community.

At Onyx, their goal is that you feel welcomed, seen, and heard, and that whatever coffee or pastry you choose fits what you’re looking for. It’s the service at the very end that completes the supply chain. There’s an art to it. Onyx is made up of some of the best coffee professionals in the states, and every drink, every interaction, every item is cared for, intentionally made, watched over, and executed to be exactly right.

Candela developed a custom data solution for Onyx Coffee Lab, enabling them to collect and display intricate roasting data. This feature provides users with transparency into the roasting process, showcasing the origin and journey of each batch, enriching the coffee experience with every sip.